Within our data driven Accountancy concept, we work with entrepreneurs who do not (yet) have an audit obligation, but who attach great importance to relevant business information.

We are happy to serve entrepreneurs with an interest in data analysis (and) or who want to grow with Coney Minds towards statutory audits with our data driven Accountancy service.

We not only provide annual accounts with a compilation statement and the tax return, but also create a custom KPI dashboard for analysis of the most important results of your company.

We believe in the power of discovering trends, performance, exceptions and risks related to your business together using data analysis and data visualization. Tailor-made, to the point.

Here we provide information about the top 5 most relevant topics for your organization. Think of turnover per article group or sales market, return requests on goods, margin per article (group) or customer or the number of billable hours per employee.

  • More than just annual accounts, unique combination with relevant KPI management information and tax services,
  • Management information supports you as an entrepreneur in making important business decisions,
  • We believe in the power of discovering trends, performance, exceptions and risks using the modern tools,
  • Fixed price agreements, no surprises.

Three building blocks Accountancy


Annual accounts with composition statement and publications

Coney works with state-of-the-art software, which enables us to efficiently prepare the annual accounts. We can also provide expert and professional guidance to SME entrepreneurs who are not yet required to inspect, but may be in the future.


Tax declarations

In the constantly changing tax legislation, we can support you with tax returns. Coney tax experts takes care of all types of tax returns and can, where possible, save money for you. We check all assessments received so that we are sure that they are correct and that there are not overpayments. If necessary, we will submit a notice of objection or we will initiate tax proceedings for you.


Check for your business

Coney has developed a set of data scripts. This allows us to analyze and visualize information about your company. This information is necessary for making the right business decisions. This check includes a top 5 of most relevant topics for your organization. If required, we can also provide interim accounts, intercompany, connections of subadministrations and databases with the help of data analysis. We make a tailor-made dashboard available to entrepreneurs in Tableau Server.

Together we make a Top 5 of the most important KPIs of your organizations. We analyze to what extent objectives are achieved through relevant trend and exception analyzes using data analyses. If desired, we can expand these analyzes with, for example, Cashflow Forecast analyzes or we can build a broader set of Data Driven Management Reporting.

Other services