Vision – Happy Land

A state of mind

Constant changes in legislation and regulations, market developments and technology, the world around us, unexpected events and geopolitical tensions require timely insights into risks, development in performance and the operation of checks & balances.

This also applies to (medium) large companies that we have been supporting for years with timely and relevant insights into what is going on within the organization. We have called obtaining this insight: ‘’Ongoing Monitoring’’.

With a mix of data analysis, process mining and data visualization technology, 100% of the relevant success factors and transaction and process flows can be monitored internally.

We support medium+ and large companies with the “data-driven” setup of the ‘Ongoing Monitoring’ framework. No long-term visions, but concrete solutions.

This provides periodic insights into which internal checks & balances really work, it becomes clear which performance is lacking internal objectives or exceeding expectations. We make insightful what areas for improvement are for internal control measures that are integrated into processes.

We see that many of our clients are looking for a new balance in speed, accountability, and transparency. Monitoring strategic objectives, critical business processes and transaction flows is an increasingly ongoing process. Ongoing monitoring is the internal perspective, ongoing auditing is the external perspective.

To be able to switch quickly, a rhythm must be created between the execution of the process, the control tasks, and the external audit perspective. We have recorded our vision and our thoughts in Happy Land. The setting in which: ‘Ongoing Monitoring meets Ongoing Auditing’.

Our Analytics Advisory services are aimed at concrete implementation of ongoing monitoring with concrete solutions.

Onno Wouters

We support companies with the "data driven" set up of the 'Ongoing Monitoring' framework.

Onno Wouters

Ongoing Monitoring meets Ongoing Auditing

Happy Land

  • Continuous insight into performance, risks and business processes,
  • Deviations can be directly observed,
  • We teach controllers and financials to be “ongoing” in control in a data driven way,
  • More transparency, better grip on processes, performance, risks and controls.



Smart Data

Data is interchangeable, can be quickly shared and insights can be obtained which say something about the whole of companies that work together in networks and chains. That is Smart Data in pure form, nutrition for the residents of Happy Land.

When using this Smart Data, Coney Minds not only focuses on financial information, but also connects the data to the compass of a company. With machine learning we can add the new perspective of the factor ‘discovering the unknown’. We (help) build tools and platforms in which information is continuously reproduced. On top of this data foundation is a link to what we call “Ongoing monitoring”. Relevant Stakeholders will soon have ongoing access to relevant insights. This is the internal perspective.

Many of our clients are also audited annually by an external accounting firm (in this case not Coney Minds). The internal perspective is consistent with the external perspective of external audit. When designing ‘Ongoing Monitoring’, we always consider a possible external perspective.

Back to ongoing technology. Behind all these developments is a waterfall of innovations at the intersection of data, data analysis, data mining, algorithms, artificial intelligence, IT technology and assurance.behalve

Barring exceptions and small initiatives, the accounting profession still manages to largely ignore that waterfall.

As Coney Minds we want to stimulate that discussion; thinking about and helping to build Happy Land is our challenge. However, we do not only want to encourage, but we also want to help in concrete terms. We do this with solutions such as:

– Business Performance Management Analytics
– Management Reporting Analytics
– ESG Analytics
– Open up the Algorithm Analytics

Happy Land in a nutshell

In our vision of the future, we no longer generate and check information periodically or ad hoc, but we make custom made information continuously available to all stakeholders. By integrating internal and external data, we add certainty to financial data, but also to matters such as smart business processes, fraud prevention, health for people around the world, sustainability, and innovation.

Relevant stakeholders (e.g. Supervisory Boards, governments, and the Tax Authorities) can log in to the platform and obtain certainty about themes that are of interest to them.

We call this: ‘Ongoing Monitoring meets Ongoing Auditing’. We encourage our clients to be decisively involved in developments around us, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, but also closer to home with the development of process mining algorithms and smart meters. Construction on Happy Land has begun!

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