Data driven due diligence

Data driven due diligence - acquisition

For many companies, a takeover is an interesting option to realize growth ambitions. A takeover is preceded by an investigation into the figures, the opportunities and points for attention. We call this a Due Diligence investigation. With our data-driven mindset, we set up this research in such a way that we get a good picture of the performance, opportunities and challenges related to the party to be acquired.

In achieving growth through an acquisition, our due diligence services will help you, as a potential buyer of a company, by analyzing and validating the financial assumptions underlying your proposed transaction. We do this our way. The facts are locked into the data and with our technology we can, for example, look back three years and assess this in relation to the current state of affairs.

In other words, we analyze both the historical financial information of the company and the future-oriented financial information as prepared by the seller.

The main objectives of our financial due diligence are:

  • Providing insight into financial risks and opportunities,
  • Provide insight into the most important value drivers of the company,
  • Testing initial assumptions and criteria (including for your valuation of the company), in particular by analyzing:
    – the underlying historical financial information;
    – interim financial developments; and
    – the company’s financial expectations
    – in collaboration with Coney Tax – the tax (compliance) positions,
  • Gain insight into the quality of internal control (including IT), risk management and quality culture.

The insight we provide enables you to make a well-considered decision about the proposed transaction.

We do not write long (template) reports, but report our findings in clear visualizations with, where necessary, in-depth insight into relevant transaction flows and business processes.

Data driven due diligence - sales

Sales due diligence concerns due diligence on a business or business unit to be sold on behalf of the seller. We help the seller prepare for the sale by conducting an independent review of financial performance, opportunities and risks.

Also during a sales process, we analyze both the historical financial information of the company and the future-oriented financial information. We help the selling company collect, analyze and present this information. We do this by using data analysis and visualisations.

Our research is aimed at making the strength of the company or the part to be sold transparent, and at the same time it is important to give the potential buyer an honest picture of the (historical) performance and opportunities for the future.

We report our findings in a compact, largely visualised, report. A report that is easily shareable with potential sellers. We can periodically update the report if the sales process unexpectedly takes longer.

We include the following topics in our research:

  • Financial performance (at least three years ago) versus current situation,
  • Analysis of most important KPIs and management information,
  • Analysis of cash flows and data visualization of trends regarding turnover, margin, important balance sheet items,
  • Analysis and insight into personnel development and personnel costs,
  • Analysis of the tax positions and overview of the status of tax compliance issues,
  • Assessment design of the internal control environment, including the IT environment.

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