Audit of the financial statements, legal or voluntary, supported by data analysis. Our audit approach focuses on your business processes, transactions and people.

We enjoy working with entrepreneurs, financial directors and CFOs who share our data-driven mindset. We like our profession so much because we work with our clients in a positive way. As part of our data analysis approach, we periodically provide insight into the results of the analyzes of relevant transaction flows, risks and business processes.

We share the points for improvement with regard to internal control, taking into account the nature and size of our clients and stakeholders.

In 2008, we gave our audit services a label: Auditing 3.0.

In summary, Auditing 3.0 is:

  • More than annual audit; with the help of data analysis, process mining and clear data visualisations we give meaning to numbers,
  • Access to our Tableau Server environment for insight into our data analysis findings (Story of the Audit),
  • Continuous monitoring to understand risks, trends, performance & exceptions,
Pieter Coney minds

Coney is our accountant since 2015.
Basically Coney was a new experience for us, but we were pretty well guided.
We are very satisfied. Coney helps us to understand the business better and also tell us what is needed to improve to move forward.

Aryaan Finances & Investments Holdings B.V.- Sunil Samtani

Data Analytics - Process Mining - Visualization - Machine learning.


  • Fixed fee agreements, no surprises afterwards,
  • Periodic workshops with Coney’s experienced audit team to discuss the audit approach together,
  • Modern team consisting of experienced chartered accountants, Accountancy talents in training and data analysts.


For who is Auditing3.0?

Auditing3.0 is for entrepreneurs who see added value in the use of data analysis when checking annual accounts. Entrepreneurs who do not only want to view an annual audit as a ‘must have’, but just like us, we believe in the power of discovering risks, trends, achievements & amp; exceptions with the help of modern tools. Entrepreneurs who want soundboards, sparring and working together positively.

Are you this entrepreneur, can you agree with the above thinking and are you looking for a new accountant? Then contact us now!

In 3 clear steps

Our method



We would like to get acquainted to talk about your business, the degree of internal control surrounding processes and transactions and any audit issues. We share our mindset. With a joint click we prepare a quotation.


Kick Off Workshop

At the start of the audit, we always organize a workshop with clients to discuss the audit approach together and to deliver agreements for the delivery of data and other information.


Audit of the annual accounts

During the audit, we will keep you informed of our findings regarding the assessment of processes and transactions and the annual accounts. Via Story of the Audit you have access to the results of our data analyzes in our Tableau environment.

Other services