Join Our Technology Ambitions

Are you passionate about digital transformation and inclusion of new technology around Assurance & Analytics & Ongoing Monitoring as much as we are?

We are always looking for new Data Analytics, Machine Learning and/ or Artificial Intelligence Software Partners to work with.

We are particularly interested in start- and scale-up companies looking for opportunities to launch new software in our key focus areas: Auditing & Assurance, Ongoing Monitoring and Analytics.

We will be happy to welcome you to join our Coney Minds, Assurance & Analytics network. Becoming our technology partner, you will be able to expand your portfolio and grow your business.

Complementary Solution Providers

We believe in success, powered through partnerships. Working together with some of the leading Technology vendors and Service companies we integrated  data driven technology that enables us to perform Assurance & Analytics services, providing our clients with relevant business insights.

On top, new technology is helping us to shape the future of Auditing and Analytics services. We expect that our new services such as ‘Green Assurance’ and ‘Open Up The Algorithms’ will be amazing fields to introduce new software.

Technology and Services Partners

The Coney Assurance & Analytics program offers a range of benefits tailored specifically around the business models of start- and scale-up software entities and value-added resellers, looking for an opportunity to enter our key focus areas.

We will test your data driven solution in performing our services. We will provide you feedback and discuss how to launch your solution in our service areas and how to work with other audit firms and/or companies looking for opportunities to enhance their ongoing monitoring framework.

Technology Partners

Become an integral part of our services. We partner with some of the leading technology solutions vendors ranging from Alteryx (US), Tableau (France) and Monkey Mining from the Netherlands

What Others Say

“Coney focus on building a high-end Machine Learning technology for Auditors and Controllers, offered a solid foundation for our partnership. Coney truly understands the dynamics of Assurance & Analytics market. Together we discuss the challenges of how to integrate new technology into their Assurance & Analytics services and how to assist other audit firms looking for similar solutions. Only through partnerships we can advance.– Global Orange