TAX Experts

What tax assessments can I expect? Am I protected from tax surprises? Are we not missing any tax opportunities? Three questions that keep every entrepreneur busy in order to comply with tax obligations and at the same time make optimal use of the tax facilities offered by the legislator.

Growth of the company, the position of the shareholder director, company structure, sales abroad (Webshop), reorganization, sale or transfer of the company do not make it easier to continuously answer these questions. Certainly not at a time when tax legislation also changes regularly.

Our tax services in the field of tax compliance (compliance with declaration obligations and other tax laws and regulations) and tax advice are at your disposal to maintain an overview of tax matters and to offer you comfort in this regard.

You can contact Coney Tax experts for:

  • Your corporate income tax, dividend tax and VAT returns, your income tax returns or gift and inheritance tax returns,
  • Tax advice on business issues or personal financial circumstances,
  • Tax technology solutions (Data-Analytics) to optimize your tax business processes or information transfer.
In two simple steps

How do we work?


We immerse ourselves in your company

We ensure that we understand your company and the business transactions fiscally, both numerically and legally, in order to arrive at the correct declaration and point out potential risks and tax opportunities to you.


We coordinate with you in advance

Before submitting a tax return or initiating tax advice, we thoroughly coordinate matters with you, not only at the time of filing the tax return, but continuously as soon as relevant tax matters arise.

Other services