About us

The Why of Coney Minds

On our website you can mainly read what services we offer and how we do this. But what is our why? In essence, we want to add value to all our relevant stakeholders.

Team Work

We work positively as a team, with clients and with other relevant stakeholders. Working together means that we actively share knowledge, focus on completing projects on time, do not want to talk too much, but rather listen and act. We are open to a good conversation and are transparent in our thinking.


We started in 2005. Our founder, Pieter de Kok, is still actively involved in the field. We have been serving some of our clients since Coney Minds was founded. Of course, employees leave and we sometimes say goodbye to clients; that’s healthy too. At the same time, we want to work together on a long-term basis, both as a team and with our clients. This provides space for deepening and enriching the relationships.


Innovation must be given maximum scope. In order to continue to add value, we must also experiment and dare to make mistakes. At Coney Minds we do not have a check-up culture, we are averse to office politics and we give everyone the space to give substance to the issue of innovation. This can be ‘on-the-job’, via ‘pizza evenings’ or with the help of external trainers. Our employees choose Coney Minds to work in an innovative environment and to acquire new knowledge. Our clients choose Coney Minds for the added value our approach offers without losing sight of the pragmatic.

Added value

That added value is our ‘why’, our goal. To achieve that goal, we must work together, enter into long-term relationships and give room for innovation. The added value can be translated into an efficient annual audit through a modern audit approach, sharing new and relevant insights in business data to entrepreneurs or finding unconscious errors in data, such as leaks in turnover, double payments to suppliers or errors in management reports and steering information.

Our team is ready for you, together with each other. We are active in various sectors with a clear focus on Auditing, iAccountancy, Analytics and training-on-the-job of professionals.
In the role of Auditors, we audit wonderful organizations in sports (think of our Royal Dutch Skating Association, the KNSB), various cultural and social organizations, e-commerce and international trading companies, dynamic temporary employment organizations and innovative energy companies. Of course we also have a click with technology and software organizations.

Audit & Analytics

With iAccountancy we focus on growing companies that we are already guiding towards statutory audits and companies that, in addition to good annual accounts, are also interested in our ‘data-driven mindset’.
At the intersection of Business Performance & Analytics, we work with a wide range of organizations, companies, entrepreneurs and managers who want to extract relevant insights from business and finance data.
SMART and the shared passion for people and data is our connecting factor.

Discover your DATA

Another theme is the acceleration in the application of algorithms. Various issues are associated with this, looking from the broad social point of view and the way in which companies are increasingly confronted with this. Issues such as “how do we prevent algorithms from leading to exclusion and/or discrimination against people or groups?” and “how do we monitor that algorithms contribute to the set business objectives?”.

Coney Minds stands for the conviction that our work, our collaboration and our place in society is and above all remains a ‘people’s business’ and that technology is supportive in this. ‘People & Planet minded’ is and will remain part of our DNA, so also for that reason, Coney Minds!

Our history


Coney BV was founded

A.o. by Pieter de Kok - still active as Teamlead of Coney Minds - Accountancy & Analytics

Van Nelle Fabriek's first office

Opening office in Rotterdam

Founding of Coney Tax BV

Collaboration with Coney Tax BV - currently led by partner Hans van Bunnik

Launch of our first service - Ongoing Monitoring Services

Data driven Risk, Control & Business Performance services

Coney Assurance BV founded - Auditing3.0 (Audit only)

Statutory and voluntary audit of the annual accounts - data-driven

Coney Academy

Started giving PE certified training and workshops to professionals

Analytical support to Audit & Controlling professionals

Support Audit and Controlling professionals with data analysis & process mining training and day - to - dat support

Integration of Tableau Software in services

Story of the Audit - via Tableau server all our audit clients have access to our audit findings

Founding of Coney Business Analytics BV

Rapid insight into business analytics issues, currently under the leadership of Onno Wouters

Launch iAccountancy

Compiling, Dashboarding and tax services for SMEs without (legal) audit obligation.

Coney Haarlem

Opening office in Haarlem

Integration of completely new data platform

Based on Alteryx in #Audit #Analytcis services

Switch to Monkey Mining Process Software

Switch to Monkey Mining Process Software

Launch of new website, changed name: Coney Minds

Launch of new website, changed name: Coney Minds

New collaborations

Collaboration with Machine Learning and AI parties

Launch of new website, new branding

Coney Accountancy & Analytics - it is a people's business

Launch Machine Learning working group

Research integration of machine learning in the audit and business analytics practice