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Assesment Statement

Is your company not legally obliged to audit, but do you still want to obtain certainty about the accuracy of the numbers?

For example, you want to distance yourself from your company and leave the day-to-day affairs to others, but at the same time retain control. Or in case the bank, or other minority shareholders for example, would like more certainty about the figures. In that case, you can consider having an assessment statement drawn up.

When assessing, our Assurance team goes a step further than, for example, when compiling annual accounts. They perform activities that enable the team, with a limited degree of certainty, to express an opinion regarding to the fairness of the annual accounts.

Not only the financial statements, but also other statements of historical financial information such as internal analyses, can form the basis for drawing up an assesment report. Where possible and relevant, we will use data analysis to come to an assessment statement.

Grant Statement

Companies can apply for, and receive, subsidies from government agencies, private funds and other subsidy providers for various purposes. It is possible that a subsidy is only provided under certain conditions.

When drawing up a subsidy statement, our Assurance accountants assess whether the subsidy funds have been used lawfully. In recent years, we have completed a large number of study programs together with our clients in, for example, the Art, Culture and Sports sector. In addition, there are also Dutch and European subsidy processes in various other sectors that require a statement from an accountant.

Other questions?

If you have any questions about what the Coney Minds accountants can do for you and your company, please contact us via info@coneyminds.nl. We will reach out to you.

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