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We are Coney Minds. A people minded Audit & Analytics office. Actively involved in various industries. We stand for Innovation and a Data Driven approach.

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Openness, sharing knowledge and civic participation are core values that provide insight into Coney Mind’s DNA. We strive for these core values through our cooperation with clients, partners and people as well.

In today’s world of fast-paced changes, rules that are in a constant state of flux and the evolving computerization, more and more solutions are being utilized that give continuous understanding of performances, successes and challenges. That mindset is intertwined into our Audit, Analytics & iAccountancy service.

As Coney we feel involved in bigger, overarching social issues such as People, Planet, Profit (sustainability altogether) and the related matter of ESG Assurance, which boils down to adding assurance to information that revolves around sustainability performances and reports.

Discover your DATA

Another theme is the acceleration of the application of algorithms. Several other social and business themes are related to this particular theme. How do we avoid an algorithm’s exclusion or discrimination of people?
How do we monitor that algorithms contribute to set business targets?

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Why choose Coney Minds?


We take you through the process and give periodic workshops


We use data analysis to show you which processes are going well and which could be improved

Our audit team is ready to go

Modern team consisting of experienced chartered accountants, Accountancy talents in training and data analysts


Information is the greatest value driver in business

We specialize in auditing the annual accounts, supporting growing SME companies with iAccountancy and helping companies with analytics solutions. Examples are Data Driven Management Reporting and Business Performance Analytics.

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