Analytics Training & Support to Controllers

The annual analyzes for the accountant.

Once a year you will receive a request from your accountant to prepare that one analysis again. This is often an analysis that you do not use yourself, but your accountant thinks this is a very important analysis because he gets a lot of audit information from it.

For you as a controller, this is often a difficult analysis because you only make it once a year, so you no longer know how the data has been processed and which choices and fields you have selected. This often leads to frustration and is a time consuming job.

It is possible to perform these analyzes efficiently and at low cost.

1. Money & amp; goods movement

We build algorithms for drawing up the money & amp; goods movement. This provides insight into the relationship between the opening stock + purchases – / – sales = closing stock. We also reconcile the purchases / incoming goods with the justified obligation and we reconcile all outgoing goods with the justified cost price.

2. Jobtime = shop time

We build algorithms for setting up the jobtime = shop-time connection. A total reconciliation is made between the paid hours according to the payroll administration and the hours according to the time registration system.

3. Margin analysis

Based on all sales transactions, we build a margin analysis at a detailed level per financial year, per period per customer and product group or service.

De voordelen van data-analyse:

  • Independent Audit Evidence for the Auditor;
  • No more puzzling every year with an analysis that you do not use;
  • No more frustration of not being able to connect and explain differences;
  • More efficient control of the completeness of revenues;
  • Lower internal costs.