Audit Analytics Training & Support to Audit Professionals

The assurance sector has undergone special developments in recent years. Companies and its stakeholders are not only looking for robust “assurance”, but also expect new insights, a fresh perspective and continuous knowledge sharing.

We support internal audit teams with data analysis and process mining around, for example, internal control testing (e.g. SOX), fraud investigations and audits of key processes such as Order-to-Cash and Purchase-to-Pay.

Colleagues we support accountancy firms in making the step to data-driven assurance. we share our Audit3.0 methodology, our practical experience and support fellow offices with data analysis support from team members from the Coney Audit team. So we not only offer tailor-made training and workshops through the Coney Academy, but share our audit methodology and help audit teams build data analysis scripts. Since 2005 we have been working on giving data analysis, process mining and data visualization a place in the audit. In addition, we ourselves experiment with techniques such as predictive analysis and supervised machine learning.

  • We share concrete data analysis and process mining applications and practical knowledge
  • Translating together to the Accountant3.0 approach through tools, training, workshops and data analysis support from our experts
  • Broad experience with data analysis and process mining in the assurance domain
  • We share the pitfalls and indicate clearly what we can and cannot do




Before the process starts, we come by to share each other’s expectations and mindset and to make a realistic planning together.



With the help of training and workshops we teach the team to use the software tools and we take the team with us in the translation of control ‘as is’ to the control 3.0 approach .



Where necessary, our experts will provide support with any problems or issues the team encounters along the way.



After the previous process, the team has built up the skills and mindset to offer your (future) customers the accountant 3.0 approach.


  • The client’s audit team is leading towards all stakeholders.
  • All stakeholders are involved from the start of the project and recognize the added value of the use of data analysis and process mining.
  • We work with a clear division of tasks, time schedule and budget.
  • Data analysis is an investment in the future. It is important that all stakeholders are willing to look beyond one year.
  • The audit team is willing to review and perform the analyzes themselves (Coney is always willing to support, but the mindset is focused on knowledge sharing).