Data Driven NOW audits

Are you dealing with lost sales due to the coronavirus outbreak? And do you use the Emergency Measure Bridging Employment (NOW) scheme? You will soon need an auditor’s report from an accountant. This must of course be as efficient as possible.

We help you comply with the conditions for this allowance. We do this in a 3.0 way so that the COSTS of this audit remain as low as possible. At the same time, this is a time for you to get acquainted with the data driven mindset of CONEY Accountants. We believe that we can keep COSTS low by helping you with proper internal preparation. At the same time, we have built a completely new algorithm to read and check your NOW data and share new insights with you via a NOW3.0 Dashboard Report.

With our Audit3.0 approach, we have been auditing the annual accounts of various Middle & Large organizations since 2005. We do this as much as possible with the use of smart data analysis technology.

If you opt for CONEY’s auditor’s report – we will get to work for you on the basis of a fixed, transparent price. You share your data via a secured Share file environment, we share our findings via an auditor’s report and a free NOW3.0 Dashboard Report.

Two ways::

  • 1. We share with you a NOW AUDIT READY FREE Questionnaire + Checklist. You prepare yourself and record the results in Questionnaire + Checklist.
  • 2. We assess your preparation (Questionnaire + Checklist) without charging any costs. If you are “AUDIT READY”, we determine together whether you have the audit carried out by CONEY or whether you have it done by an existing accountant. The choice is yours. If elements are missing in your preparation, we will also share this.




Download de vragenlijst + checklist hier.





Deel uw ingevulde vragenlijst + checklist eenvoudig via onderstaande knop!


Zorg voor een compleet NOW-dossier en wij kunnen efficiënt starten aan de vereiste controle.
Ons multidisciplinaire team van registeraccountants, data-analisten en IT-auditors staat voor u klaar.
Gebruik onze VRAGENLIJST + CHECKLIST en ontdek of een efficiënte data-driven NOW-accountantscontrole mogelijk is!


Bent u Audit Proof en wilt u een offerte? Vraag deze hier aan:


As part of our NOW3.0 audit, we will share some insights with you in the form of a Free Dashboard Report NOW3.0. Our algorithms also automatically visualize insights about your turnover and costs. We give these insights back to you as part of the check and are included in the fixed price.

Auditing3.0 ‘De waarde van data-analyse bij jaarrekeningcontroles’