Workshop Data-analysis

In practice, we see controllers and accountants want to get started with data analysis, but then they do not know where to start. With the help of this Workshop we want to show the benefits of data analysis and the possibilities of different tools. Create new insights, make better decisions, set up clear root cause analyses. We recognize these objectives. As an entrepreneur, accountant or controller, you often have many datasets with relevant business information at your disposal. These datasets have the potential to lead to great insights. Processing and enriching these datasets in such a way, however, is often quite a challenge. This is where Alteryx comes in.

During our Workshop, we will show you how you can  add and edit multiple data sources in Alteryx, how easy it is to run the created routine again and how you can gain more insight into your analysis by building an analysis in Alteryx.

Create a visually attractive and interactive dashboard based on the data model we have created in Alteryx? Converting objectives into clear visualisations? In no time you will see how this can be done in Tableau, for example, you gain more insight into the KPIs that are important to you, specifically aimed at your company and your wishes.

Workshop Data-analysis

A more efficient audit process and increasing the quality of the annual audit and internal information provision

  • Time savings by automating analysis,
  • Improving the quality of analytics,
  • Make the annual accounts process run more efficiently by providing the correct analyzes to your accountant,
  • We build analytics together that can be used immediately


Aantal personenPrijs
3-4 personsHalf a day € 449
3-4 personsHalf a day € 949

What to expect from the workshop?

Transform data sets

During this workshop you will work with your own datasets so that you can immediately see what the possibilities are and what benefits this has for your organization. This Workshop is all about how you can edit, sometimes huge, datasets as well as possible to create visually attractive dashboards and which insights and patterns are hidden in the data.

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