Audit analytics

With Coney Minds we have almost twenty years of experience with the integration of data analysis and process mining in the audit process. In recent years we have supported both external and internal audit teams with our expertise.

Coney Minds’ Audit Analytics team consists of experienced data analysts and auditors. We monitor the opportunities for the use of Machine Learning. We are happy to be a partner at the intersection of Audit analytics and assurance for teams that share our mindset and are looking for concrete support. We help and transfer knowledge.

We are available all year round, but of course we work based on pre-coordinated planning and timelines.


In 'Happy Land' the fast switching rhythm has been found and a data-driven management framework is used. Happy Land is not a service, but our mindset.

- Pieter de Kok

Ongoing Monitoring meets Ongoing Auditing

Happy Land

  • Meaningful assurance goes further than just focusing (too far out of focus) on financial information, we spar with colleague offices and internal audit teams around meaningful assurance
  • We train Auditors in applying the Ongoing Audit mindset through periodic support with the use of data analysis, process mining and data visualization
  • Where necessary, we work together in audits, whereby Coney focuses on the data analysis issue in the audits.


Summary Happy Land


We offer insight and transparency

Stakeholders need certainty. While this was initially focused on certainty regarding financial performance, the need is now growing for accountability for matters such as the robustness of business processes, innovative strength, risk management, sustainability and transparency within a company.



In the professional field, we see an increasingly better balance in the cooperation between the different stakeholders in the “Happy Land domain”, which can be explained by the implementation of an integrated data foundation under the business assurance issue.


Meaningful assurance

In our vision of the future, we no longer generate and check information periodically or ad hoc, but make information continuously and tailor-made available to all stakeholders. To achieve this, we integrate internal and external data.


Certainty and relevance

We believe that in today’s society the concept of certainty no longer only means that the information is correct, it is at least equally about whether the information that is offered is relevant. We have an understanding of modern criteria to provide certainty, but we prefer to let stakeholders have their say when determining those criteria.

Top 25 data analysis examples in the context of financial statements audit

Top 25 data analysis

After five years it was time again, an updated Top 25 Data Analytics overview of Analytics used in the audit. No #ChatGPT examples or other trendy AI features yet, but old school data analysis and process mining examples straight from our audit practice, immediately adding value to your audit program

In the field

Audit Support for Auditors

Introduction to Audit Team

We would like to meet the audit team to talk about how we can support? We periodically supervise internal audit and audit teams of colleague offices. Beforehand, we discuss areas for attention and the use of technology and reporting methods.

In the field

In the field, we make agreements about data access, data validation and collaboration with IT departments to obtain data. During the audits we work together, drawing up and carrying out the analyzes for the audit team according to the plan. It is an interaction aimed at sharing knowledge.


The data analysts report findings in pre-coordinated format and templates. The conclusions have already been discussed and validated with the audit team prior to the reports, where relevant in collaboration with the client.

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