Data Driven Management Reporting

Within every company some form of management information is available. Often a collection of Excel documents that originated historically. An abundance of data, but not necessarily an abundance of information.

We believe that it is better to manage your company on 5 well-thought-out smart meters than on 35 excel sheets full of information and KPIs without added value. Naturally, the smart meters are built on the basis of the actual data of your company and we guarantee reliable meters.

Because our management dashboards are built on the actual data of the underlying processes and we apply focus by limiting the amount of information, you can make fact-based decisions faster. Yet you can go back to the underlying source data from any meter/visual.

Coney helps you as an entrepreneur to quickly find the right insight. The data driven management reports are automatically updated periodically. The frequency with which depends on your wishes.

  • Insight into the most important KPIs and more data
  • Clear visual insights
  • Reliable due to the use of hard data
  • Simple overview, whenever you want

Data Driven Management Reporting dashboard

We offer our management Dashboards in Tableau. The source data for the dashboards can be imported in various ways. You can think of the APIs for Exact Online or Twinfield, a database backup of Exact Globe or just an Audit File.

Depending on your wishes as an entrepreneur and the possibilities of the supplier and your financial administration, we choose the solution that best suits this. The big advantage of an API, for example, is that you can easily update the dashboard much more often. This is a lot more difficult with an Audit File, but a monthly Management Dashboard is also possible.

What do we offer?


Via Coney or a local solution

Via Coney you get access to your personal Dashboard in our Coney Tableau domain and you can view your dashboard from anywhere on your laptop, iPad or phone!

Another option is to manage the data driven management dashboard entirely locally. You then invest in the purchase of the data analysis and dashboard software. We set up management reporting for you.


Data Driven Management Reporting - periodically maintained

Because your business, company or team is constantly on the move, we can periodically maintain and expand your Data Driven Management Reporting. We use a transparent pricing model based on an hour-strip card.

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